Poverty Alleviation Fund(PAF)

Donor Agencies/Program: Poverty Alleviation Fund(PAF)
Total Contract Amount (NPR): 14,00,000/-
Project Period: Jan 2010- May 2018
Working Area/District: Rangpuri , Titirkh Parshohiya, Basantpur, Gauri, Dharmpaniya, Dohani, Sauraha, Bahadurganj, SivaNagar, , Sirsihawa VDC , KrishnaNagar & Kapilvastu Municipality of Kapilvatu District.
Target Group: Dalit, Janjati, Women, Ultra Poor and other Marginalized community.
Major intervention
• Beneficiaries Group formulation (Dalit, Women, Janjati, Marginalized and social excluded group people) and mobilization.
• Social Mobilization
• Support revolving fund to Poor, Women, Dalits, Janjati for income generation activities. i.e. production of high value crops, goat farming, pig farming, small enterprises & agro-based enterprises promotion.
• Technical assistance to Community organization to prepare and implement/ Installation Hand pump, Toilets, , design of roads, school building, irrigation
• Infrastructures Development (Promote pure Drinking water, Sanitation, Irrigation, road construction, school building, Toilet construction).
• Awareness raising campaigns on sanitation, safe drinking water, toilet construction, reduce illiteracy.
• Capacity building of community based organizations i.e, leadership development, saving/credit, account keeping etc.
• Sub project proposal development of CO for Income Generation and Infrastructure Development.

HIV & AIDS Reduction Program in Migrant and their family

Donor Agencies/Program: Global Fund / Save the Children SSF
Total Contract Amount (NPR): 28,09,988/ year
Project Period: April 2012- 15th March 2018
Working Area/District: Pyuthan District
Target Group: HIV effected peoples, Migrants & Spouses
Major intervention
• Behavior Change Communication to Migrants and their spouses on TB & HIV
• Social Mobilization
• Peer education to migrants and their spouses to increase awareness on TB & HIV
• Conduct Community based testing, STI treatment
• Lobbing and advocacy against stigma and discrimination associated to HIV &AIDS
• Orientation/training program to stakeholders , Community leaders, Police/Army, Journalist, Inmate, Health worker, Mother group, teacher and Student on TB &HIV
• Community Home base care (CHBC)
• Care and support to PLHIVs & TB
• Referral for TB, ART/CD4 cell
• Nutritional support to TB effected peoples & PLHIVs.